LostVape Centaurus Horizontal Extended

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LostVape Centaurus Horizontal Extended


The theme is based on my previous themes. It works on DNA75C, DNA100C, DNA250C, and in DNA75C/DNA100C does not operate “Power bank” mode. Supports replay.

On the idea of vapingbad – here are many changed: icons and there are extra features .. I use his conversion for pre-heat – a very compact solution.



Preheating has several states: 1st is when preheat is on, 2nd is preheat off, 3rd is dropped out of temp protection. 4th is TP-enabled=false, 5th is TS-Material=false.

This is how the conditions are set:

The TP icon:

default shows on image,

atty\temp-protect-enabled=false as the condition for showing the off image.

atty\temp-sensing-material=false also for showing the off image.

Text status:

default shows “PH” for preheat

atty\preheat-enabled=false shows “—”

atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows “PWR” in yellow

atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows “PWR”in yellow

atty\temp-sensing-dectect=false shows “???” in orange (tested with an ss coil using a NI profile)

Temp Field:

atty\temp as default

atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows diag\atty\voltage

atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows diag\atty\voltage



There are two main screens – extended and easy!

In Lock Screen down: Current in charge or root temperature in non charging mode. When using a power bank, an icon is displayed.

In Main Screen two resistans: locked ohms and life ohms.

In Main Screen right to Power:  temperature of board or output voltage in VW mode.

In Main Screen right to Temperature: Temperature ot last puff

In Main Screen top:  The name of the profile below is the material used

In Battery Screen: Below is shown what current is the charge, and the displayed power indicates whether the fast charge is on: normal charge – 7.1 watts / fast charge – 13.2 watts (approximate values)

Redesigned battery indication:

How to update the clock in EScribe Software?



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