DNA 250C ElectroLAB

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DNA 250C ElectroLAB

ElectroLAB is crafted around the idea of colorful electrical wirings and circuitboards, with a touch of Laboratory elements.

Glass Tube(Top Right): Green liquid fills up as the battery level rises.
Bulb: Glows when battery level goes down below 50%
Guage(Down left)

Beaker with pink liquid: Pink liquid gets filled, as the battery level goes up and visa versa.
Bulb: Glows when battery level is more than 90% and when less than 50%.

On Main Screen: Puff Counter Reset, Replay on/off, board temprature, Voltage output meter and readout, Power, Record, Save, Replay, Charging/Discharging/Powerbank indicators.

Charging icon turns green when charging, USB Data Icon on turns blue when connected to PC / Power respectievely. Powerbank Icon turns red when used as powerbank.

and much more..

Hope you’ll enjoy..

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