Lost Vape Copyman’s Hyperion DNA 100C Expanded Theme

Lostvape X Milen Cholashki

Lost Vape Copyman’s Hyperion DNA100 expanded theme

Reworked theme with replay, power bank (DNA250C), new icons and extra stuff.
Work with DNA75C, DNA100C, DNA250C.

Made for LostVape.

The theme is based on my previous themes. It works on DNA75C, DNA100C, DNA250C, and in DNA75C/DNA100C does not operate “Power bank” mode. Supports replay.

On the idea of vapingbad – here are many changed: icons and there are extra features .. I use his conversion for pre-heat – a very compact solution.

Preheating has several states: 1st is when preheat is on, 2nd is preheat off, 3rd is dropped out of temp protection. 4th is TP-enabled=false, 5th is TS-Material=false.

This is how the conditions are set:

The TP icon:
default shows on image,
atty\temp-protect-enabled=false as the condition for showing the off image.
atty\temp-sensing-material=false also for showing the off image.

Text status:
default shows “PH” for preheat
atty\preheat-enabled=false shows “—”
atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows “PWR” in yellow
atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows “PWR”in yellow
atty\temp-sensing-dectect=false shows “???” in orange (tested with an ss coil using a NI profile)

Temp Field:
atty\temp as default
atty\temp-protect-enabled=false shows diag\atty\voltage
atty\temp-sensing-material=false shows diag\atty\voltage

In Lock Screen down: Current in charge or root temperature in non charging mode. When using a power bank, an icon is displayed.

In Main Screen two resistans: locked ohms and life ohms.

In Main Screen right to Power: temperature of board or output voltage in VW mode.

In Main Screen right to Temperature: Temperature ot last puff

In Main Screen top: The name of the profile below is the material used

In Battery Screen: Below is shown what current is the charge, and the displayed power indicates whether the fast charge is on: normal charge – 7.1 watts / fast charge – 13.2 watts (approximate values)

How to update the clock in EScribe Software?



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